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first one

Posted: January 13, 2020 in poetry, Uncategorized
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i am the first one here tonight
the beginning of a new year
one that no-one knows
anything about as we wait
to see what secrets it
will reveal to us
bottles of water stand in silence
stiffly proud and stern
glasses surround them
protecting them from
forces unseen and unknown
i know one person isn’t
coming tonight but i wait
in excited anticipation to see
who will come through the door
i’m looking forward ot tonight
the start of a new writing year
and a new creative me

waiting for results

Posted: August 24, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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I had a double biopsy on my gullet four weeks ago and I’m waiting for the results. As you can imagine it’s a stressful and anxious time so I’ve written this poem to about how I feel at the moment.

my head aches, i feel sick
i don’t know what’s happening
or even when i will
i’m waiting for results
that could change my life
in so many different ways
my life is in limbo
so much i want to do
but everything depends
on the results
i’m hoping they come soon
free me from
this unseen prison
that i’m living in
i just want to know
what my results are
so i can live again

You’ve done all the hard work, put in the long miles and climbed the tough hills and you’re just sat at home waiting for the race, unable to think about anything else, everything going on is magnified a hundred times. You check the route on Strava, watch videos of the run and all you want to do is get on that start line and race but you know you need to rest, lay off the beer and eat healthy so you’re ready to run and run and run and it fucking kills you because all you want to do is go out and smash it.

wait…be patient
that window you
have waited for
may just open…

the start

Posted: October 24, 2016 in fell running, poem, poetry, run, running, Uncategorized
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deep breathing
the only sound
multi coloured vests
brighten a dark wood
the smell of nature
mingles with sweat
sinews tense
in muscular bodies
waiting for the signal
to start the race

he keeps his secrets in the dark
under floorboards, loose, warped
in damp, dank cellars crawling with life
musty, stale attics, riddled with the past
behind the cupboard in the corner
stood in the same place for years?
his secrets are safe here
waiting, patiently, for him to die
so they can reveal themselves,
emerge from the darkness
and his friends and family
will finally see
who he really is…


Posted: September 9, 2016 in Short Story, Uncategorized
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So it’s supposed to come today my parcel. Not sure when but these days you never are. Could be anytime between 8am and 10pmhich gives whoever is delivering it plenty of time to nip off for a crafty fag, a sandwich or a beer whilst I sit in all starting anxiously out of the window for any sign of life, listening as hard as I can for any sounds. I’m sure I just heard a fly breathing…

What was that? Just someone running past. Another false alarm. Unless it’s someone stealing my parcel. No, who would do that! What’s on TV? Just the usual rubbish but don’t have the sound up too loud or you might not hear the knock on the door.

There’s the young lass over the road doing the gardening. I wish she would wear properly fitting jeans so I didn’t have to see her builders bum. Still it’s something to stare at whilst I wait. Here’s a car, here’s a car! Just the bloke from over the road parking in front of my house again. Bollocks! Hope my car is alright further up the road.

What’s on TV? Anything good? Nope just the usual shite. So know I daren’t move in case the man comes with my parcel. Hardly dare breath in case I don’t hear the knock. Trapped in my home, looking out onto the outside world as it passes slowly by, waiting for a single knock that will release me from my self-imposed prison cell.

Hmmmm. Might as well check the status of my parcel. Attempted delivery! 3 hours ago! A complete lie! A whole day wasted waiting for a parcel to come and now I’ll have to wait another day waiting for it to be delivered again! This time I’ll wait behind the door and surprise the delivery man! Ahhhh well time for bed.


Iktsuarpok (Inuit) A person who goes outside often to see if anyone is coming. From The Meaning of Tingo.

i’m waiting for someone

i don’t know who

the gas man, the post man

maybe even you

but no-one comes

however many times

i venture outside

in the cold

in the rain

no-one ever shows

but the anticipation

that one day someone will

gets stronger and stronger

day after day after day