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Posted: October 26, 2016 in poem, Uncategorized
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you are trapped
in a glass dome
a mausoleum
you can see out of
we can see into
there is no escape for you
as we pass you by
talking in whispers
so you don’t hear us

I am trapped in the decaying coffin of bark

Forming the only life in this span of land

Trying to escape to breathe the air surrounding me

My existence only broken by the changing

Of the four seasons over time

Coming, going, as sure as the tide comes and goes

The tears of spring flow down my exposed features

Warm rays of summer split my gentle skin

Autumn blows through on currents of time

Blind winter darkens unreachable corners

Piece by piece I fall apart

Breaking away and falling to nowhere

Less and less turning to nothing

Mind and body decay

Soul and spirit evaporate

Only dust is left…

Some prose from tonight’s workshop.

He likes to feel the water slowly seep into his old, torn trainers, carefully selecting the best sod to step on as he chases sheep on carpets of heather, blown by winds that howl in his mind, sending tears streaming down his cheeks.

He dislikes slabs of concrete surrounding his senses in a world of squares, rectangles and triangles, trapped in a geometric prison, no code to escape, from a mathematical puzzle created by a computer.

He longs to be free from here forever, free to follow the breath of the birds soaring above him, over trails, forests and mountains, not caring where he will end up, living in the moment as his heart beats one more time.

He fears this moment will past, will never last, will never come again, as wet mud clings to the sweat on his skin not wanting to leave, only seeing a cold concrete landscape that sends shivers down his spine as rain drips down his throat.

He dreams of a woman who will breath the same air he does, share the mud on the marshland, fear never escaping the concrete jungle he lives in. He dreams of a woman who will take his hand and lead him to the freedom of the wilds where they can watch the birds soar over their heads…

I’ve got a trapped nerve in my neck so I’ve decided to write a poem about it…

There is a nerve trapped inside my neck

It cannot talk to tell me how much pain it is in

It cannot move to a place of less pain

It cannot smell the burning of bone against bone

It cannot hear the brain scream in pain

It cannot see the scars of age and wear and tear

It cannot feel the numbness and weakness of the body

It is trapped in a column of bone, cartilage and pulp

Enduring frustration, anger, sadness and sorrow

As it waits to be released from a grinding prison

And be free to play with its brothers and sisters

In the corded corridor that is its home