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the moors and fells allow me to
forget about reality as i immerse
myself in their natural beauty
feeling their watery vines creep
into my shoes, getting under my
socks, penetrating my skin with
their icy cold fingers, letting me
become a part of the moors,
hearing their voices through my
skin, feeling the breath of the
moors in my soul as it gives me
life where previously i had none

And so I move on in life

Onwards ever onwards

But the need to STOP

Reflect and reconnect to my

Inner self grows ever louder

It is time to go beyond me

Go beyond but I know

And reach new heights

Spiritually, mentally, physically

Or I will forever br

That piece of shit

On the pavement of life

That I was told I

Would be so long


But now I can

Change my life

My circumstances

And say look at


Look at what I can


And go for it

And do your best

And see what you can do too…

I get out and run. At first it’s difficult to go more than a few hundred yards. But I do it. Other runners breeze past like an eagle soaring on the currents of the air. I stand there, struggling to breath, gasping like a dying swan taking its last breath. But I have done it. I have gone out and run. I have accomplished something I thought impossible, something only I can do. Others can encourage me, support me, inspire me, but only I can go out there and do it. Only I can get out there and put one foot in front of the other and move my body, mind and soul.

And it becomes easier. I run for ¼ mile, ½ mile a mile, and more. My body is changing, it feels good. I feel younger, energy curses through my veins feeding the very essence of my existence. I feel at ease with myself, I feel alive, I feel free, I am at one with me. I run further, explore places I’ve only heard people talk about. I breath in air as if it was my first as a new born baby, I begin to see people, the world, life itself differently. Life is good now, life is something to look forward to on a morning, every morning, to wake up to and smell the world around, smell life itself inside me, around me.

Running has given me my life back, made me realise just what I have to offer, what talents I have that I can use to help and inspire others to achieve more in their lives. Running gives me purpose, a reason to get up and get out there, even if there is nothing else I have to do all day I can run till my body says no, but my mind says yes. Just one more step. Let’s see how far I can go today…

his daily bread is prayer

he comes in, orders a glass of cold water

sit’s at the same table

a sip moistens thin lips

eye lids close

shut out life

elbows are placed

in grooves made by cracked red skin

as slowly, thin veined leaves

touch each other

and the world stops

as another world opens of surreal serenity

where the passion is peace

he prays for a minute, an hour

until he is finished

and ready to be

reunited with the living