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Posted: January 10, 2020 in poetry, Uncategorized
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the wind swirls around
my mind like the storms
on jupiter. its cold
colder than a night on
pluto. i am a comet
travelling through space
on my own surrounded
by rough grass and deep mud
yet i feel safe here
away from everything
that can hurt me
away from those that
would attack me
belittle me, make
me feel so small
the most powerful
microscope in the world
could not find me
my safe haven is the moors
protected from others
by natures elements,
elements my enemies
do not like. my skin
may be cold but inside
the sun burns brighter
than sirius illuminating
the moors keeping me
warm, cosy and sage
from everything that
would harm me. i am
at one here with the
natural earth looking
after my mind, body
and soul for eternity

i found my paradise
when i escaped from
my self imposed exile
within four blank walls
my paradise was over
the thin black line of
tarmac meandering
through the bleak
yorkshire moorland
that dominates this
world leading to a
valley of lush green
fields crissed crossed
by a never ending
maze of tracks and
trails worn down by
hundreds of years of
footsteps and hooves
leading anywhere and
everywhere but where
you want to go. some
will lose you and lead
you on a dance that
will have you doubting
your own sanity. others
will take you so close
to heaven you swear
you can hear angels
sing songs that have
your ears dancing in
the clouds. this paradise
gives up its secrets ever
so slowly but you will
never know them all
so don’t go looking
for them. enjoy the
ones you find and
make the most of
this beautiful paradise

He sits still staring into a space only he can see where

Walls, windows, doors and roofs all merge into one

Become as one, mingling together turning

Into a myriad of shapes and colours mixed forever

Into a cornucopia of shades of grey

A dream like state ensues where

Time flows by unnoticed

Minutes, hours a day goes by and

The pool of life has stopped

Time stands


A bird flies by and no one blinks as it

Blends into a stone wall that

Bends like never before

Disappearing from sight

And still he stares

And the dream turns into reality

In his mind at least…………..


Posted: June 19, 2014 in Poems, Thoughts, Uncategorized
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As he sits at the window

Staring into a space only he can see

A space made by him in his dreamlike state

Walls, windows, doors, roads all merge and mingle

Into a cornucopia of dull, gloomy brown and white shapes

Everything becomes one

All as one

All together

In a patchwork quilt of life passing by

On a mattress of earth  

For all to see



Images and words flash by his eyes

From reality to dreams

By the power of a mind

That stares


And turns reality into dreams

Dreams into meaning

Meaning into life

Life into reality