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There used to be more here
More walls of stone
More roofs of slate
More paths to walk
More noise from looms
More people coming into the valley
And then we had more water
More brought less
Less people, less looms, less noise, less stones
But less can be more
Now there is more trees, more plants
More insects, more birds
More peace and tranquillity
Sometimes less seems more
It all depends how you look at it

Running through the ruins of my mind

The runes of time slowly drip onto

My wet tongue and slide down my throat

As I run faster striving to catch

A glimpse of you before the memory

Is ruined forever, torn apart

By the sands of time as they flow

Into the earth, disappearing into the channel

Where you ran towards me and

Missed me, running into the distance onto a

Higher place, surrounded by ruins

Of your past, leaving me ruined and

Left to run forever, alone, into the void

Running nowhere, effortlessly, poetically

As I run after your footsteps

Hoping to catch the silent sound of

You running to your destiny

Through tears of rain, ruins of pain

Lingering in a storm in my mind…forever…