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measuring pain

Posted: October 7, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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my pain can be measured
by the flickering flames of
fire burning in the corner
of my tear stained eye

it can be measured by the
angles of rays of sunlight
and moonlight as they pass
over the wild, bleak moors

my pain is there in the distance
as the blackbird files searching for pies
and near in the flock of
sheep counting until they go to sleep

it is in the spots on dalmatians
running down the road in single file
and in the tails of nine cats
staring at the world from a tree

my pain is in the well of oil
that spurts from the burnt crust
of sliced earth leaping from the
frying pain into the funeral pyre

my pain is here, there
it is high and low
it has no end and no beginning
i can see it in the stars

To put it all in context. In the last year or so, I’ve reviewed – or blogged about – collections that I love. Kim Moore’s The art of falling. Christy Ducker’s Skipper. Fiona Benson’s Bright travellers. Jane Clarke’s The River. Work by Shirley McClure, Maria Taylor, Hilary Elfick, Tom Cleary, Bob Horne, Steve Ely, Clare […]

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anticipation builds
excitement intense
grains of sand
pass through hands
nothing left
but faded faces

poem for today

Posted: September 23, 2016 in poem, poetry, Uncategorized
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furtive glances
lives in eyes
tell stories
without words
no more is said

pounding of hearts
sweating of hands
shuffling of feet
hands held
lives connect
never seen again

regret nothing, live
what is gone
cannot be undone
distant memories
still haunt you
stop them taking
over your mind
the past cannot
be altered
the present can
be created
live your life anew
with no regrets

This is an audio recording of me reading some of my own poetry at the Blind Pig, Sowerby Bridge, August 2016.

If you have any problems let me know

water flows down
the neck of the moors
a silken scarf
of life giving blood
a life captured
in one perfect
moment as light
meets dark reflecting
back a portrait
of a person
been and gone
a star burning
brightly, intensely, before
fading, extinguishing itself
through a life
over indulged, lived
half hearted, such
promise never fulfilled
a life to be
half remembered
half forgotten

i look in the mirror
see someone
in their forties
i do not recognise
i am twenty again
the person i
wanted to be
all that time ago
i am now
age has distorted
my perception of
who i am
confusing my real age
with my imaginary age
reducing me to a child
learning about life
all over again