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I’ve been very quiet recently but I’m hoping my creative writing is beginning to flow again. These are the result of last night’s Igniting the Spark session. The theme was sugar. The poems are just for fun and are far from finished but I hope you still enjoy them.


he sugar coated the soot

that dropped on him accidently

by telling everyone it was black pearls

falling from the night sky


she imagined the dandruff

running through her hair

was streams of sugar

and smiled as she

tasted this strange white

substance on her tongue


the sugary smell of engine oil

made the hairs in his nose

stand to attention

as each end sought out

more of the sweetness

that drifted into the ether

from this thick, sticky

substance used to smooth

the passage of grinding pistons

rocketing crankshafts

and tappets dipping away

for him though

it was not enough and he felt

the impulsive, compulsive need

to pour barrels of oil

into his favourite sugar bowl

close his eyes

suck the scent up his nose

his brain eager to receive

sweet, sugar signals

and send him off to dream

of being immersed

in a vat of sweet, sugary oil

feeling it fill every pore

on his sugar coated body

with thick, luscious gooeyness

sending shivers of ecstasy all over him

as he wallows like a hippo

in this temple of oily splendour

The rainbow reflected back from

Deep inside the vault of the dank barrel

That had lain dormant since time

Immemorial. Lost for all eternity, save

For the old man on the hill

Watching the world spinning

Round and round and round

Seeing all

Hearing all

Knowing all

Saying nothing

Embedded in a maze of roots and shoots and

Branches, consuming his very being

As he becomes earth like, becomes as

One with nature, feeling her pain, her joy,

Reflecting on the rainbow

That tells the story of a time

When the black blood of the earth

Reached every corner of every country

Every nook and cranny of every continent

Roaming free, occasional jumps of joy

Until sticks drank it all for themselves

Save for one barrel, a memory hidden away

From all to see, save for the old man

Watching rainbows reflected

Back from when

Time began