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i watch people go by
like rats in an
overground sewer
scurrying here and there
searching for their
next morsel of life
to gorge themselves on

to some it is just a piece
of water flowing down to the sea
fish and birds swim in it
but nothing more happens
to me it is an ever changing puzzle
of blues, greens and greys
rhythmically changing
shape and colour
as the day grow old
and the seasons change
a bird dives in and breaks up
the rhythm creating a new puzzle
the fish below darts this way
and that to evade the bird
creating another puzzle
a puzzle within a puzzle
this flowing water is a
multilayered puzzle of
colours, shapes and life
and it can be anything
you want it to be

she stood and watched the flamingo
entranced by how its
knees bent backwards
why did the flamingo not collapse
like a deck of cards
under its own weight
looking at her knees
she tried to bend them backwards
like a flamingos
and looked through
her own legs
a flamingos knees are hidden
the zookeeper told her
dropping her skirt over her knees
she saw only her ankles
now she felt like a flamingo

gazing at reflections
in the mirrored glass
i could pause my life
whilst scrutinising
everybody else’s

one more drag on the tab

as it flickers and fades

into the cool sea mist

never to taste his breathe again

as the sea stumbles

onto the wet tongue of tarmac

free at last to pleasure itself

with the shop windows

swinging pub signs

alternating neon lights

those are all that remain

of the holiday makers

caravan movers

and summer shakers

have left for another year

leaving behind dreams of

love lost, love found, love unrequited

in the echoes of the shells that

creep slowly over grains of sand

that cling to each other as the

seaweed crawls over them

hoping to reach the neon lights

that glint off the beach

that can breathe again now

it is free of the pounding of feet

the slams of bodies

the digging of castles

and he watches through eyes

washed by the mist of the sea

as the signs sing in the breeze

to a promenade where nobody walks

except for the sea

and the darkness filters in

sharpen the edges of a

town that slumbers

and he lights another cigarette and

tastes the sea salt on his lips

as the gulls sing one last song