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I still remember the very first time I saw Mark Holdsworth at Holme Middle. It was in the playground and Mark was leaning back against the railings that went around the school in his school uniform wearing a pair of Doc Martens surrounded by other kids. He seemed very popular and I remember thinking how I wished I could have a friend like Mark and be popular with kids to talk to and play with all the time. I can’t remember the first time I spoke to him, but we did, and we clicked too as we’re still friends I what must be forty years on from that moment. After that meeting, we were at each other’s houses, playing down the valley, down the woods and on Black Hill. We were pretty much inseparable, and Mark introduced me to other people, some of whom are still my friends and others who drifted away as time went on. These were good times, fun times, times when life is perfect because you don’t understand the world and what is going on in it.

It seemed like a lifetime

My journey to meet you

On a rusting wing of tarmac

Sodden with the tears of an angel

Your tears

My angel

Past fields of concrete forests

Bolted into the pit of the earth

Gazing at my expressionless face

Eyes focused intensely

On you and only you

My angel

Waiting for me beneath

The wings of our angel

The angel of the north

As tarmac slips into

The pit of the earth

Taking me closer to you

I dared to dream

And reality rose up

As rusting angel dust fell on me

And I saw your arms outstretched

Waiting to take me, hold me, embrace me

And as you did my steel heart

Turned into molten passion

As we entwined

Beneath our angel

Our lives moulded together

Forever as one