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Posted: November 22, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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the incandescent halo
shimmered and twinkled
in scintillating effulgence
at the brilliance
of the flowing
blaze of phosphorescence
that the dazzling dapple
from the corona
effortlessly gave off

light comes

Posted: November 16, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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curtains part
light comes into the room
nothing to stop
dancing dust falling
walls breathing
ceilings twirling artistically
light bouncing off
every surface
chairs lean back relaxing
basking in warm light
beds sleep in the light
today is a good day

the light is our landmark
in the death of darkness
we followed the rhythmic

swell of a tempestuous sea
hungry for wood and flesh
to take to the bottom

the light is our sign
that we are close to home
and the warmth of safety

that we have a chance
of surviving this night
that we live to love

our families once again
the light gives us
hope and courage

to continue on
without the light
we would be
swimming with the devil

you loved the light

how it entered my bedroom

every morning with you

turning on my light

hanging, still, on its own

in the middle of

a pure, white ceiling

momentarily blinding me

i am confused for a second

before i rub the nights

sleep out of my eyes

and blinking see your shape

silhouetted against my bedroom window

holding a curtain in each hand

for me a saint on a cross

opening the gates to heaven

before stepping aside to

allow the first rays of sunlight

to create a rainbow in the

corner of a teary eye

and breathe new life

into her young son

as he takes in the light

of this brand new day