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tomorrow land

Posted: January 22, 2020 in poetry, Uncategorized
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a land we dream of
in sweaty anticipation
of what we will and
will not do planning
our escape from the
monotony of our reality
never realising that
tomorrow land is a
place we will never
get to visit or see
tomorrow land is just
beyond the end of
our fingertips almost
within reach but as
far away as the land
of Xanadu

It’s May 2001. I’m feeling down, depressed. I go to the doctors for help for support. ‘What do you want me to do?’ ask my doctor. I sit there in shock. What do I do? What do I say? I leave with a box of tablets. Take these and don’t bother me again is the message I get. Go and sort yourself out.

calling stars

Posted: January 3, 2020 in poetry, Uncategorized
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stars called to them
guiding them over
bleak, black moors
back to warmth and life

melting snowflake

Posted: December 18, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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a flake of snow
falls under the winter
sun slowly dropping from
the cold tree branch
a baby is born
a mother dies
a president is elected
a tyrant deposed
lovers meet in secret
a couple divorce
a god is worshipped
a forgotten religion dies
people play football
others watch a film
riots in the city
walks on the moors
footprints on the moon
a man never leaves his home
the snowflake hits the
ground and melts away

ice heart

Posted: December 11, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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At my poetry writing group last night the theme was ice. This poem started off as one thing and ended up as something else. One of those poems that just happened and went where it wanted to. I was just the messenger writing it.

my heart is as white
as the purest ice
warm blood flows in
turning to a pillar of ice
slowly moving through my
heart like a glacier
creating a valley
from the hardest stone
sometimes the ice snaps
off causing my heart
to jump as if hit
by a heavyweight boxer
before settling back to
its imperceptible movement
that i barely notice
a heart rate that barely
registers as my breathing
slows down i’m showing
no signs of life
except an icy cold
glint in my eye

watching people go by
like rats in an
overground sewer
scurrying around
searching for their
next morsel of life

i watch people go by
like rats in an
overground sewer
scurrying here and there
searching for their
next morsel of life
to gorge themselves on

light comes

Posted: November 16, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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curtains part
light comes into the room
nothing to stop
dancing dust falling
walls breathing
ceilings twirling artistically
light bouncing off
every surface
chairs lean back relaxing
basking in warm light
beds sleep in the light
today is a good day

In response to Donal Og by Lady Augusta Gregory

late last night the path spoke your name
illuminated by stars, lit from beyond the
realms of an imagination i can only dream of

you promised to reach up and pluck the moon
from its perch, encase it in diamonds so
pure my soul would reflect in them

you promised to move the shores of the lake
closer together so no bridge would be needed
and we could see each other forever

i went by myself to the top of the mountain
and saw all your promises laid before me in the
vast emptiness of the valleys and rivers below

i pricked my thumb on a rose and my blood
was as black as the mouth of the deepest cave
disappearing down, never to be seen again

you have taken the wind from my breath,
the words from my mind, the thoughts from my lips,
and i fear you having taken my belief in life too

We’re moving. Moving away from everything I know, everything I understand. Mum and dad have a new job the other side of Bradford. It’s a long way from where I live now. Will I see any of my friends ever again? I’m overwhelmed with emotion’s, but I can’t express them. I stand there worried, scared, confused. I don’t fully understand what is happening or why. The future is scary especially when it’s so uncertain.