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I rewilded my voice

Took it back to my life as a baby

Saying gaga and dada

Leading me to point and gaze

In awe and wonder

At so much in the world

I was taking for granted

As an adult


the ice came in from the outside

in through the gaps in the window frames

squeezing through the lead and the glass

to create other worldly patterns

to cold to touch, breath froze on them

they drew you in with their sparkling patterns

of swirls. spirals and curls, meandering everywhere

the milky way, andromeda, sombrero, appear

an interstellar transformation of ice crystals

expanding right before your eyes

a billion sparkling stars living

on your bedroom window

mesmerising, enchanting

unique, beautiful

and then gone

as quickly as they came


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they stared through
the window
nothing moved
no sounds were heard
life was frozen
using their imagination
the painting came to life

my pain can be measured

by the flickering flames of

fire burning in the corner

of my tear stained eye


it must be measured by the

angles of the rays of sunlight

and moonlight as they pass

over the wilderness of the moors


my pain is there in the distance

as the blackbird files to find pies

and near in the flock of

sheep counting till they go to sleep


it is in the spots on dalmatians

running down the road in single file

and in the tails of nine cats

staring at the world from a tree


my pain is in the well of oil

that spurts from the burnt crust

of sliced earth leaping from the

frying pan into a funeral pyre


my pain is here, it is there

it is high, it is low

it has no end and no beginning

i can see it in the stars