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i have visited so many places
each a painting in my mind i
return to, remembering the
beauty and isolation i felt stood
still, alone, surrounded by water,
trees, rock and earth, talking to
me, taking me to far away places
i never knew existed, clearing my
overwhelmed mind of the daily
stresses of life, helping me realise
my place in the world, a world i feel
i belong to in this place pf peace and
solitude where i can reflect and
ponder on the wonder of nature
amongst the raw and wild landscape
where i find my place in my heaven

This poem was inspired by my friend Rachel Lumb and her landscape paintings. This one is Morning, Heptonstall Moor.

More of Rachel’s paintings can be seen here:


i heard a voice sing
but could see no-one
i searched in the woods,
in the fields and meadows,
over moor and fell and
saw a single white rose
holding its head high to
the sun, singing to the
angels in heaven, a
single voice in a sea
of green singing a
chorus of hope for all

you loved the light

how it entered my bedroom

every morning with you

turning on my light

hanging, still, on its own

in the middle of

a pure, white ceiling

momentarily blinding me

i am confused for a second

before i rub the nights

sleep out of my eyes

and blinking see your shape

silhouetted against my bedroom window

holding a curtain in each hand

for me a saint on a cross

opening the gates to heaven

before stepping aside to

allow the first rays of sunlight

to create a rainbow in the

corner of a teary eye

and breathe new life

into her young son

as he takes in the light

of this brand new day

were the soul-giving

maker of my spirit

the bringer of divine-pleasure

my desire-enhancer

an enchanting-Goddess

of a thousand dreams

turned into the reality-giver

shaping the mundanity

of life-reflected

into a heaven sent

Angelic-lover from

a paradise thought lost

forever but now found in