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i dig into my skin
like an eagle catching
its prey. out comes the
pain, stored for hundreds
of years, pouring like
fresh rain over a rock,
carrying everything away,
leaving a calmness that
won’t last forever, but i
will make the most of
while it does last

pulling the curtains back i see a runner
flowing effortlessly past my window
with pace, poise and grace
longingly looking on, wishing i could be out there
turning i twist my knee a reminder of why i’m inside
pain deep inside my knee that struggles to support my weight
tightness in my calf makes it difficult to bend my leg
they remind me that i’m an injured runner
frustrated, annoyed, irritated
about my powerlessness to be able to run
at my inability to be able to do anything about it
apart from rest, wait and hope i can be out running soon

I’ve got a trapped nerve in my neck so I’ve decided to write a poem about it…

There is a nerve trapped inside my neck

It cannot talk to tell me how much pain it is in

It cannot move to a place of less pain

It cannot smell the burning of bone against bone

It cannot hear the brain scream in pain

It cannot see the scars of age and wear and tear

It cannot feel the numbness and weakness of the body

It is trapped in a column of bone, cartilage and pulp

Enduring frustration, anger, sadness and sorrow

As it waits to be released from a grinding prison

And be free to play with its brothers and sisters

In the corded corridor that is its home