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silence surrounds me
i am enveloped in its naturalness
my fears escape to the surface
as i hear it moving around the room
peeking in every nook and cranny
exploring places i’ve never been
searching for somewhere to escape
the white noise that comes
with the rising of the sun


Posted: October 26, 2016 in poem, Uncategorized
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you are trapped
in a glass dome
a mausoleum
you can see out of
we can see into
there is no escape for you
as we pass you by
talking in whispers
so you don’t hear us

dust dreams of escape
from the boredom
of four dust
covered, grey walls
and being set free
to glide on a breeze
and land in faraway places
where it can dance all night
run all day
play on the beach
drink wine in the sun
have a lifetime of fun
without having to hide
for fear of
capture from the
big, angry duster

bridges fill in gaps
that appear in evolution
and stop the sands of time
from escaping to the stars

No escape

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Andy Smith
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the empty hotel room

was as cold

as her heart

a chamber of

icicles as red

as the midnight sun

that never sets

frozen in time

like the insects

in an amber mausoleum

trapped in resin from

where there is no escape

for the insects

for the sun

for me