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one more drag on the tab
as it flickers and fades
into the cool sea mist
never to taste his breathe again
the sea stumbles and falls
onto the cold wet tarmac
free at last from the strains
of summer to make hay
with displays imitating life
drunken pub signs
frozen neon lights
are all that remain
of the holiday makers,
caravan movers,
summer shakers,
gone for another year
leaving behind dreams
of love lost,
love found,
love unrequited
in echoes of shells
that creep slowly over grains
of sand that cling to each other
as seaweed crawls over them
hoping to reach fading neon lights
that glint off a beach
that can breathe again
now it is free of the pounding feet,
slamming bodies,
digging of castles,
he watches through eyes
washed by the mist of the sea
signs sing in the breeze
to a promenade where nobody walks
except for a sea
come to reclaim
what has been and gone
as darkness filters in
to sharpen the edges of a
town that slumbers
he lights another cigarette and
tastes sea salt on his lips
as gulls sing one last song

This is a poem I wrote after reading about a man who had been made redundant and has only a tin of spaghetti to eat every day.

a tin sits on a table


surrounded by nothing

a dull cylinder of aluminium

encased in a dull white cover

two ends poking out

trying to escape

but going nowhere

he stares at the tin

and the image burns in his eye

embedded in his memory

of what may be his last meal

a tin of brand less, tasteless spaghetti

given to him by a stranger

seeing his look of desperate hunger

the anguish of an empty stomach

picking up the tin-opener

tainted with the remains of

yesterday’s dull white label

he struggles to connect the

opener to the tin

weak with hunger

it clicks loudly and with a

clunk begins to remove the

lid, every turn a noisy struggle

and then it is off

edges jagged waiting to tear

apart unsuspecting flesh on

its sharp, uneven teeth

as the contents are revealed

grey processed worms concealed

in bright manmade orange fluid

he swallows the feeling of

revulsion, the tinge of nausea

because today this is

his one and only meal

the one bit of food he will

consume to keep him going until


when the process begins again……………………