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to some it is just a piece
of water flowing down to the sea
fish and birds swim in it
but nothing more happens
to me it is an ever changing puzzle
of blues, greens and greys
rhythmically changing
shape and colour
as the day grow old
and the seasons change
a bird dives in and breaks up
the rhythm creating a new puzzle
the fish below darts this way
and that to evade the bird
creating another puzzle
a puzzle within a puzzle
this flowing water is a
multilayered puzzle of
colours, shapes and life
and it can be anything
you want it to be

sugary dandruff

Posted: September 16, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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she imagined the dandruff
that ran through her hair
and tumbled down here face
was streams of sweet sugar
and smiled as she tasted
the white substance
on her tongue

And so I move on in life

Onwards ever onwards

But the need to STOP

Reflect and reconnect to my

Inner self grows ever louder

It is time to go beyond me

Go beyond but I know

And reach new heights

Spiritually, mentally, physically

Or I will forever br

That piece of shit

On the pavement of life

That I was told I

Would be so long


But now I can

Change my life

My circumstances

And say look at


Look at what I can


And go for it

And do your best

And see what you can do too…

the salt palace

sparkles in the cold evening sun

crystals are clear as

light shines through in all directions

bouncing off to all corners of the universe

creating rainbows with pots of gold at the bottom

turning salt crystals into diamonds to

capture the beauty of the woman

who you dream of in your sleep

every star filled night…

If I could speak to you like the

Heather speaks to my bare feet as

I run to reach you, be near you

Avoiding stones the way you avoid me


If I could connect with you like an

Eagle connects with the currents of air

High above the cold mountain

Where your emotions lay breathing


If I could leap into your arms like a

Salmon returning home to the

Place it was born to die

As I die every day without you


If I could see you just one more time

Before I became extinct in your eyes

Flesh dripping into the earth, bones

Crumbling to dust, feeding the worms


The answers to my questions would be

Fulfilled the wise old owl told me

And I would know where I stand

Instead of feeling lost in your web of silk

I haven’t had much time to write anything recently as I’m in the final few months of my degree and that is taking up all my time, energy or mental resources. However I have been going to my weekly workshop and at the last one I came up with these around the theme of eclipse. I hope you enjoy them J

At once I am a storm

And the cause of the storm

I am a paradox

Causing and creating

The storm I am in

A storm of such violence and passion

It threatens to consume

Everything I know and

Spit it out so

That nothing remains

Except the light

At the end of the tunnel

As sure as the

Cow jumped over the moon

The eclipse stopped

The sun from spying

On its minions below

Like a total eclipse of the sun

I blocked out the memory of you

And the way you left behind

Your smiles festering in the

Dirty washing up that still

Remains there to this day

A thick brown sludge that

Smirks knowingly at me

Can 30 years of living

A life in a cloud filled

With droplets of acid

Be eclipsed with a drop

Of sweat falling to the earth

And showing the flower

The way to the sun…

In the final solution

The only solution

Is to eclipse all

Solutions that have

Gone before

You eclipsed my life

With the touch of

Your hand on my face

Yesterday so soft and gentle

Today destroying everything

I understand and take for granted

As your heart turns from a

Passionate, intense warmth to a

Chill that breaks bones, rips skin

And I am trapped by the fear

Of today vicious and violent

And the memories of the past

Distant and carefree

I wake up in wet grass

That rots my sweaty skin

Tears of green stained on my face

As I stare at a flock of birds

Going round and round in circles

Forever and ever as a

Thin white light pierces a leaf

Trying in vain to warm a butterfly

Through the grey chilled air

That sends my dimpled skin

Into spasms as it tries vainly

To keep warm and stop my

Mind from freezing over

In the fairies, who live in the trees, playing and frolicking at the end of the woods

In the dwarves and elves, who create mischief and mayhem, when you go walking alone

In the ghosts and spirits, who still roam amongst the living, gone but never forgotten

In your Guardian Angel watching over you, guiding you, as you walk down the path of life

In the feeling you get down your spine, telling you yes or no, right or wrong, do it or don’t

In wizards, warlocks and witches, who cast spells to pass the day, on those who like to play

In the power of the mystics, who create magic, and transform your lives and minds

In dragons and unicorns, Hobbits and Hogwarts, the lands of the Lords and of the Discs

In the power of the universe, pulsing through the rocks and crystals that are our foundations

Sending energy to your very Soul, your very essence of life, your very being that keeps you alive

Do you believe in any of this, well do you…………………………

The rainbow reflected back from

Deep inside the vault of the dank barrel

That had lain dormant since time

Immemorial. Lost for all eternity, save

For the old man on the hill

Watching the world spinning

Round and round and round

Seeing all

Hearing all

Knowing all

Saying nothing

Embedded in a maze of roots and shoots and

Branches, consuming his very being

As he becomes earth like, becomes as

One with nature, feeling her pain, her joy,

Reflecting on the rainbow

That tells the story of a time

When the black blood of the earth

Reached every corner of every country

Every nook and cranny of every continent

Roaming free, occasional jumps of joy

Until sticks drank it all for themselves

Save for one barrel, a memory hidden away

From all to see, save for the old man

Watching rainbows reflected

Back from when

Time began

How she longs to feel his body next to

Hers once again, to be pulled so

Close to him that they become one

And she can feel his skin breathing

On hers, his heartbeat pulsing through

The tips of his fingers as they bathe in

Pools of morning dew created by a storm

Of passion, so intense, so ferocious, that


The very essence of the planet permeates

Their souls as their spirits entwine and become

One, creating seismic eruptions as universes are

Torn asunder creating a heavenly performance

Of dancing stars that follow the rhythmic beat of

Two hearts hammering out a message of

Longing to be near each other, to hear each other,

Smell each other, taste each other


Just one more time


A car drives up the side of a wall

And the driver smiles at me

Through teeth of sugary diamonds

While a man invites me into an

Office with no walls but still a

Door opens and I am

Running through streets of chocolate

Running, running, running

Effortlessly through the Milky Way

And the turn leads into a

Factory made of lego

Making itself

And I’m lost in a maze

Of plastic people

And run into a lift

That isn’t there

But is crashing down from above

Panic, panic, panic

Death by plastic chocolate

But a hand rescues me

And I’m in the office of the boss

Here’s the pass I need to

Wake me from this dream

And freedom

For my mind

At least