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Another great blog from Kim Moore with a lovely poem about the problems of overdoing it during the festive season.

Kim Moore

Evening all!  I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas, what ever you were doing.  I spent the first half of this week finishing off shopping for Christmas presents.  Normally I’m still buying them on Christmas Eve but this year I’d finished by the 23rd which I was exceedingly proud of.  A TK Max store arrived in Barrow this year which was a godsend – I bought most people’s presents there.  The husband got a box of fancy herbal teas – I wouldn’t touch the stuff, but he likes them.  I also bought him a globe which he mentioned he wanted a couple of weeks ago – he loves maps but his other two presents I bought by mistake. I went into a small independent clothes shop in Barrow and picked a T-shirt and then the assistant started offering me a discount if I bought jeans as well so I…

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Interesting blog about Greyfriars Bobby and a dog from San Diego called Bum.

Russel Ray Photos

San Diego Historical Landmarks

I made it to the Gaslamp Museum this morning for a tour of the interior of the Davis-Horton House (see The Davis-Horton House).

There is a small park next to the Museum, and you have to go through the park to get to the Museum. The park opened about 30 minutes earlier than the Museum.

I walked around the park and found some fascinating information about “The Brother Dogs Project” a “tail” of two cities and two dogs—Greyfriars Bobby, the official dog of Edinburgh, Scotland, and San Diego’s Official Town Dog, Bum.

The Brother Dogs Project, San Diego California

The Brother Dogs Project, San Diego California

The Brother Dogs Project, San Diego California

Location of Heath-Davis House

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier which became known in 19th-century Edinburgh for supposedly spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until his own death on January 14, 1872.

Interestingly, Greyfriars Bobby has a Wikipedia entry: Greyfriars Bobby.

Greyfriars Bobby of Edinburgh, Scotland

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Sadly, Bum does not have a Wikipedia entry, so I have to rely on the plaque…

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