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Today would have been Anne Bronte’s birthday and to commemorate this here is one of my favourite poems by her:


How brightly glistening in the sun
The woodland ivy plays!
While yonder beeches from their barks
Reflect his silver rays.

That sun surveys a lovely scene
From softly smiling skies;
And wildly through unnumbered trees
The wind of winter sighs:

Now loud, it thunders o’er my head,
And now in distance dies.
But give me back my barren hills
Where colder breezes rise;

Where scarce the scattered, stunted trees
Can yield an answering swell,
But where a wilderness of heath
Returns the sound as well.

For yonder garden, fair and wide,
With groves of evergreen,
Long winding walks, and borders trim,
And velvet lawns between;

Restore to me that little spot,
With gray walls compassed round,
Where knotted grass neglected lies,
And weeds usurp the ground.

Though all around this mansion high
Invites the foot to roam,
And though its halls are fair within–
Oh, give me back my home!

Anne Brontë

Here I sit, waiting in darkness

For a hand to take me in their fingers again

To move me from this place of rest

And open the lid on my wooden bedroom

Picking me up as gently as a new born baby

Moving me towards the light of the sun

My tip shining brightly, glistening in the morning sun

All of me quivering in expectation

Of being pressed, deep into the white paper

And my dark, oozing, indelible liquid

Is ready to make its mark on the world

Ready to do the bidding of whoever holds me

Ready to be the one thing in the world

That transforms thoughts in a vivid mind

That allows them to cascade and flow

From deep inside a universe of letters

To an outside world anticipating every word

As they soak up the imagination of a beautiful mind

And words become images in their minds eye

Transformed from a shape on a piece of paper

By the imagination of the reader

To an image that will last a life time

Imprinted in the memory  

Ready to be retrieved and enjoyed forever