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Sunglasses by Anthony Costello

Three Drops from a Cauldron


I saw a woman climb over a dry-stone wall
in a manner I thought divine,
and walk through a sepia-tinged field
in a pattern of stillness and sidling
I did not recognize,
until I looked up the word ‘divining‘

It is a gift one is born with,
like the instinct to go browsing
along the by-lines of the Oxford
English dictionary, where one discovers,
through tinted glass and broad daylight,
mystery, magic, dowsing.

Anthony Costello is a writer based in West Yorkshire. A widely published poet in journals and magazines, his first collection of poems, The Mask, was published by Lapwing in 2014 (and is available here).

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The Great Fogginzo's Cobweb


The more I get to know about the world of poetry, the less familiar it feels. A little knowledge can be a comfortable as well as a dangerous thing. And I certainly feel uncomfortable with the occasional squabbles and small jealousies I may encounter, when most of the time the bit of the poetry world I actually know is welcoming and generous. Thus it was that I was simultaneously taken aback and entertained by Anthony Howell’s ‘Fear and loathing in the Royal Festival Hall’ ( an article someone Shared on my Facebook page from The Fortnightly Review. Another bit of the poetry world I’d never heard of). Because I’ve always enjoyed the splenetic squabbles of the world of Pope, Dryden and Swift I suppose I felt a guilty pleasure at the sustained crossness of Howell’s piece. At the same time I was puzzled by the crossness. There’s a lot…

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