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thoughts gather in my mind
herded in by a thin layer
of delicate porcelain
seeking an opening
somewhere, anywhere
so they can be released
and fill the universe
with who knows what

thousands of years to grow
one year to burn
more and more trees
than can never be replaced
smoke so thick
people can’t see
in cities thousands
of miles away
home to millions of
plants and animals
indigenous people
watch as their
homes burn
reduced to ashes
in minutes
all so a few people
can sell wood
breed animals
make money
from a land
that the whole planet
needs to survive

My next memories are hazy, hazier than the first memory. I’m in a house, a big house, big to me, surrounded by furniture and people and animals. My mum, dad, sister, George the mynah bird, a cat, our dog Tina. My memory is blurred as if I’m opening my eyes after a good nights sleep. There is colour emerging from the grey, people are talking, there is life forming here, mine, my parents, my sisters, the animals around us, creating life, creating memories.