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It seemed like a lifetime

My journey to meet you

On a rusting wing of tarmac

Sodden with the tears of an angel

Your tears

My angel

Past fields of concrete forests

Bolted into the pit of the earth

Gazing at my expressionless face

Eyes focused intensely

On you and only you

My angel

Waiting for me beneath

The wings of our angel

The angel of the north

As tarmac slips into

The pit of the earth

Taking me closer to you

I dared to dream

And reality rose up

As rusting angel dust fell on me

And I saw your arms outstretched

Waiting to take me, hold me, embrace me

And as you did my steel heart

Turned into molten passion

As we entwined

Beneath our angel

Our lives moulded together

Forever as one

In the fairies, who live in the trees, playing and frolicking at the end of the woods

In the dwarves and elves, who create mischief and mayhem, when you go walking alone

In the ghosts and spirits, who still roam amongst the living, gone but never forgotten

In your Guardian Angel watching over you, guiding you, as you walk down the path of life

In the feeling you get down your spine, telling you yes or no, right or wrong, do it or don’t

In wizards, warlocks and witches, who cast spells to pass the day, on those who like to play

In the power of the mystics, who create magic, and transform your lives and minds

In dragons and unicorns, Hobbits and Hogwarts, the lands of the Lords and of the Discs

In the power of the universe, pulsing through the rocks and crystals that are our foundations

Sending energy to your very Soul, your very essence of life, your very being that keeps you alive

Do you believe in any of this, well do you…………………………

were the soul-giving

maker of my spirit

the bringer of divine-pleasure

my desire-enhancer

an enchanting-Goddess

of a thousand dreams

turned into the reality-giver

shaping the mundanity

of life-reflected

into a heaven sent

Angelic-lover from

a paradise thought lost

forever but now found in