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i’m not sure what is happening
grass runs like a herd of wildebeest
trees play tig and hopscotch
hills jump over fences
skies play a concert of colours
rivers rise up and never come down
performing serene acrobatic moves
i’m not sure what is happening
in the forest today
everything seems wrong
yet it is so right


Posted: November 15, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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i want to go beyond the reader
and see things they are unaware of
the barking dog they never hear
the rustle of whispers that pass them by
tasteless oranges, photos of nothing
mountains without a peak
faces wrinkled beyond recognition
maps dropping off the page
the normality of darkness

this is beyond our minds
things we are simultaneously
aware of and unaware of
a world that is there
but always a fingertip
out of reach, just, only just
a world beyond our own
that is still a part of us
and always will be

the glass museum

Posted: September 22, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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the glass museum
was doomed to failure
when cracks appeared
and people tried
to walk through them
and got splinters
in their feet

sugary dandruff

Posted: September 16, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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she imagined the dandruff
that ran through her hair
and tumbled down here face
was streams of sweet sugar
and smiled as she tasted
the white substance
on her tongue

my pain can be measured

by the flickering flames of

fire burning in the corner

of my tear stained eye


it must be measured by the

angles of the rays of sunlight

and moonlight as they pass

over the wilderness of the moors


my pain is there in the distance

as the blackbird files to find pies

and near in the flock of

sheep counting till they go to sleep


it is in the spots on dalmatians

running down the road in single file

and in the tails of nine cats

staring at the world from a tree


my pain is in the well of oil

that spurts from the burnt crust

of sliced earth leaping from the

frying pan into a funeral pyre


my pain is here, it is there

it is high, it is low

it has no end and no beginning

i can see it in the stars