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rocks huddle together
keeping each other warm
watching over the bog
the sun shines on them
casting disappearing shadows
so that knows it is passing

light comes

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curtains part
light comes into the room
nothing to stop
dancing dust falling
walls breathing
ceilings twirling artistically
light bouncing off
every surface
chairs lean back relaxing
basking in warm light
beds sleep in the light
today is a good day


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i want to go beyond the reader
and see things they are unaware of
the barking dog they never hear
the rustle of whispers that pass them by
tasteless oranges, photos of nothing
mountains without a peak
faces wrinkled beyond recognition
maps dropping off the page
the normality of darkness

this is beyond our minds
things we are simultaneously
aware of and unaware of
a world that is there
but always a fingertip
out of reach, just, only just
a world beyond our own
that is still a part of us
and always will be


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a silver path lights my way
then its gone
i’m hidden in blackness
i am lost

In response to Donal Og by Lady Augusta Gregory

late last night the path spoke your name
illuminated by stars, lit from beyond the
realms of an imagination i can only dream of

you promised to reach up and pluck the moon
from its perch, encase it in diamonds so
pure my soul would reflect in them

you promised to move the shores of the lake
closer together so no bridge would be needed
and we could see each other forever

i went by myself to the top of the mountain
and saw all your promises laid before me in the
vast emptiness of the valleys and rivers below

i pricked my thumb on a rose and my blood
was as black as the mouth of the deepest cave
disappearing down, never to be seen again

you have taken the wind from my breath,
the words from my mind, the thoughts from my lips,
and i fear you having taken my belief in life too

reflections of a mill

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the old gritstone mill
looks at its reflection
in the darkness
of the still canal
ghosts of workers
men, women and children
float by on currents
staring at the mill
that was their life
going to places new
to haunt again

if my words could fly
where would they go?
what would they see?
what would they create?
would they make dark days bright
send messages of hope for all
show people the way to new places
make patterns in the sky
bring people together
mend differences
enable new learning
that brings deeper understanding
the starving feel full
the unloved feel loved
the unwanted feel wanted
because of words
words give pleasure
words have power
words bring hope
create memories
words can be your home
your respite
your escape
your best friend
use them wisely

I’m in the new flat. It’s so different to the old house, smaller, no gardens, just bricks. Outside it’s rows and rows of houses. Big, small, terraced, semis, detached. Houses of all shapes and sizes with equally different and diverse families in them. It’s all so different to what I’m used to, to what I know. It’s overwhelming my senses having to learn a new area, meet new people, start life all over again. It’s all I can do to just get out of bed. I’m finding it difficult to cope, don’t know what to do or who to turn to. I pull the duvet over my head and take comfort in the dark. I’m happy now.

We’re moving. Moving away from everything I know, everything I understand. Mum and dad have a new job the other side of Bradford. It’s a long way from where I live now. Will I see any of my friends ever again? I’m overwhelmed with emotion’s, but I can’t express them. I stand there worried, scared, confused. I don’t fully understand what is happening or why. The future is scary especially when it’s so uncertain.

A short story of my little adventure yesterday.

It starts fine my run round Midgely Moor. I feel good and I’m running well. I’m alone on the moors and I’m enjoying it. I follow the route up and over High Brown Knoll, down to Warley Moor Reservoir and up the bog following the fence. Then it all goes wrong, very wrong. I climb over the stile and head for the stones at the top of the moor. Except that today I can’t see them because the fog has descended on the moor and the layer of grey mist is all there is here. I think I’m following the right path, I see some stones and head for them believing I am on the right path. But I’m not. I walk around the moors for 5 long miles through ankle deep water and knee high tussocks getting more lost and confused with each step. I hear voices but cannot see anyone. Are these the voices of the dead who got lost on these moors and come out when the fog hides them? I pass the stones again and realise I am alone on the moors, lost in a blanket of fog with only the voices of the dead calling out to me. I keep seeing a path only to get close and realise it’s just grass of a different colour. Is this it I wonder? Is this where my life ends alone on the moors, exhausted, confused, scared. I pass the stones again and head in a straight line, it’s my only hope of getting off the moor. I come out of the fog and I can see where I am as the air clears around me. In the distance I can see a path, this is much clearer than the others. I head over the moor and finally get to the path. I can get home now back to the warmth and safety of my home and away from the moor that wants to eat me up.