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they never see you when you’re alone
with the tv and four walls for company
the walls that talk back to you if you listen long enough
the tv that’s stuck in an endless time warp of bygone shows
repeated, repeated, repeated
these are your friends for today
the only ones who will see you
they’re here for you when you’re alone
watching the sky turn from white to grey to black
bottled up feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness
bounce off the walls going deeper inside you every time
words form slowly one at a time as they
take off into the universe in search of someone
to share ideas and thoughts with
tears form as slow as ice cracks
drying on your skin before they can flow down your cheek
you don’t even notice them
as the day drags on longing to be over
you turn to the bottle your one true friend
and share some hours together
blocking out the numbing reality of life
till you wake up in a daze tomorrow

He remembers that first day at school

On a cold September morn as his mother

Let go of his hand for the first time and let it

Drop to the floor, kissed him on the forehead,

Turned around and left him there alone for the

First time in a field of unfamiliar faces, a

Landscape of slow motion figures, revolving

Around him like a L.S. Lowry painting and then

They see him, a gaggle of kids looking for the

Vulnerable, those alone, easy meat to pick on,

Waiting to strike them, destroy them in the blink of an

Eye before anyone notices what is happening

And then they begin their attack, moving slowly,

Encircling their prey like a pack of wild chimps

Ready for the right moment to set about their

Victim, and he is alone in a wall of noise as

Figures past by not seeing him, avoiding him

Not wanting to be there when they tear into him,

And the first punch comes from nowhere and he

Falls to the cold, dark ocean of asphalt, his body

Sinking deep into it before rebounding ready for the

Next kick as faceless objects peer down at him

Laughing, mocking, enjoying seeing him in

Confusion and pain, asking why, why, why,

And the beating begins like a shower of meteor’s

Ripping into the earth from everywhere and

Then it stops as the clock strikes ten and this

Asphalt space is devoid of life,

No more noise, no more movement,

No more beating’s, and he lays on the skin

Of the earth the only sign of humanity in

This violent landscape

How she longs to feel his body next to

Hers once again, to be pulled so

Close to him that they become one

And she can feel his skin breathing

On hers, his heartbeat pulsing through

The tips of his fingers as they bathe in

Pools of morning dew created by a storm

Of passion, so intense, so ferocious, that


The very essence of the planet permeates

Their souls as their spirits entwine and become

One, creating seismic eruptions as universes are

Torn asunder creating a heavenly performance

Of dancing stars that follow the rhythmic beat of

Two hearts hammering out a message of

Longing to be near each other, to hear each other,

Smell each other, taste each other


Just one more time


From a world of overwhelment

Where every Sound

Every Movement

Every smell

Is a

Mindful distraction

Of a life that

Never stops

Never sleeps

Only ends

To the serenity

And solitude of

Nature and a

World created by

Forces unknown, unseen


The needs of man and

Allowing him to

Live peacefully



At last


A car drives up the side of a wall

And the driver smiles at me

Through teeth of sugary diamonds

While a man invites me into an

Office with no walls but still a

Door opens and I am

Running through streets of chocolate

Running, running, running

Effortlessly through the Milky Way

And the turn leads into a

Factory made of lego

Making itself

And I’m lost in a maze

Of plastic people

And run into a lift

That isn’t there

But is crashing down from above

Panic, panic, panic

Death by plastic chocolate

But a hand rescues me

And I’m in the office of the boss

Here’s the pass I need to

Wake me from this dream

And freedom

For my mind

At least


This is a little poem I wrote whilst sat in my local park watching children playing in the trees. It is just a bit of fun and has no meaning unless you can find some meaning in it yourself……………

an outline appears
running from what
no body knows
as it re cedes
into the never land
of the lair
of the snark
never to be seen
in this world again
except by
Jabber the Wocky
in a world
that only the
fairies know

I close my eyes, there is
Nothing I can see,
As my imagination takes over,
And people of the present are

Replaced by people of the past,
Transported to another
Time I wish to be in, as the
Sound of a cabinet piano plays,

Delicate fingers of a mistress long gone,
Move over slithers of ivory, as
Graceful as the silent black panther
Moves in the dark of the forest.

Effortlessly unseen by human eyes,
Sounds pass through space as
Years whirl back
Through time as I am

Carried away to a bygone age,
Surrounded by spirits of the dead,
Unencumbered by the bodies of the
Living, I feel alive in this

Enchanted world of the past,
Dancing with ethereal entities
To the music of the past,
Played by my heroine of the present

As children we are told to be free, to do what we want, to have no fear. Yet as we turn into adults we are thought to think differently, to behave, to conform, to be machines. In doing this out minds are suppressed and compressed to conform to an idealistic way of the world. A view over which many of us have little or no idea we are doing. Yet if we can regress to a time when our imaginations ran free and had no constraints we can be that young child with no boundaries and a limitless view of an ideal world. By freeing our minds we can free our body’s, free our souls and achieve our true, limitless potential……………………………….

This is a poem I wrote whilst sitting in the park on a sunny, summer’s day and watching all the insects coming up to me and examining me with interest!

They appear from whereabouts
No one knows
Music echoing
From an orchestra
On their back
Puzzled by the
Colossus that has
Entered their realm
Giving their attention to it
Emanating from
The beast that
Dares to Infringe upon
Their private paradise
On this day

Calmness abounds
Surrounded by life
Created by nature
In all its infinite glory
Coming together
At one place on earth
At one moment in time
Calmness abounds