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This is an audio recording of me reading some of my own poetry at the Blind Pig, Sowerby Bridge, August 2016.

If you have any problems let me know

This is me reading a poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley. I’ve decided to upload a reading as I’m frequently being told I have a very good voice for reading poetry and more. Personally I hate my voice but again this is very common amongst many people, so I have decided to put my voice out there and let the world decide! Follow the link to my Tumblr blog: to hear my reading.

Stood in a room

Surrounded by noise

Coming from walls

From glass, from lights

From people

But no words reach me

An indecipherable sound

A tsunami of noise

An avalanche of words

Nothing makes sense

I’m struggling to hear

To comprehend

To pick the words out

But the sentence is lost

All meaning is gone

I’m alone in a room

Full of people

Surrounded by noise

In the middle of a vortex

The eye of the tornado

As life goes on around me

Without me


One thing I don’t do very often is rewrite my poems. However I have rewritten one called ‘I Believe’ and it got an amazing response when I read it recently at a poetry event. What do you think……………….

I believe you

When I stare in your face

And see a happy smile

Beaming back at me


I believe you

When you tell me you’re

Happy to see me

And kiss me gently


I believe you

When you hug me tightly

Squeezing me warmly

Feeling your skin on mine


I believe you

I believe every word you say to me

Every touch of your person

I take it literally


I believe you

Because I know no other way

And whether you truly mean it or not

I still believe you

This is an audio recording of Kathleen B Tehrani, Erik Estabrook and myself reading and discussing poetry on the Autism Brainstorm Poetic Outspeak broadcast on Thursday 14th August 2014. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to any comments.

href=”” title=”AUTISM BRAINSTORM: Poetic Outspeak with Erik Estabrook, AUGUST 2014″>

Wow! Amazing! I’ve just read two of my poems ‘My Eyes’ and ‘I Believe’ to Kathleen B Tehrani and Erik Estabrook in America! Whilst this may not sound that big a deal to many people to me it is massive. In February 2014 I had never written a poem in my life or spoken to anyone live anywhere else in England, never mind America. Now August 2014 I have written quite a few poems that have been well received, been told I have a fantastic reading voice despite my own doubts and now I’ve read some of my poems to America. Just an amazing journey I feel I am on at the moment and it is only just beginning.

Never doubt the power of the written or spoken word……………

Andy Smith