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This is an audio recording of Kathleen B Tehrani, Erik Estabrook and myself reading and discussing poetry on the Autism Brainstorm Poetic Outspeak broadcast on Thursday 14th August 2014. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to any comments.

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Wow! Amazing! I’ve just read two of my poems ‘My Eyes’ and ‘I Believe’ to Kathleen B Tehrani and Erik Estabrook in America! Whilst this may not sound that big a deal to many people to me it is massive. In February 2014 I had never written a poem in my life or spoken to anyone live anywhere else in England, never mind America. Now August 2014 I have written quite a few poems that have been well received, been told I have a fantastic reading voice despite my own doubts and now I’ve read some of my poems to America. Just an amazing journey I feel I am on at the moment and it is only just beginning.

Never doubt the power of the written or spoken word……………

Andy Smith

I’ve only been writing since February this year, yet it seems as if I’m achieved far, far more in a very short space of time writing than I have in the previous 46 years of my life.

So far I’ve written quite a few poems and published some of them on here. I wasn’t anyone to notice my work, the world being the complex place it is today and there being so many blogs out there. Why would anyone notice mine? But strangely people have and that has given me confidence to carry on writing and to see where it leads.

Speaking about my blog that is a journey in itself! Who would have thought that creating and maintaining a blog could be so difficult! So many themes to choose from, tags to decide on, RSS feeds to create and much, much more. I’ve no idea if I’m doing it right but please tell me if I’m not or if I could do better.

Writing is a journey itself too. So much to learn about the famous poets of the past and the present, and about writing itself. Stanza’s (used to be the name of a car!), sonnets, Byron, Shelley and my favourites the Brontes. Then there is the local poet scene which I am beginning to immerse myself in. I live in Queensbury, Bradford and my local hot bed of poetry is Calderdale and the Calder Valley. So much talent and I quite often feel that I could never measure up to the amazing poems they come up with. But they all offer advice and encouragement which is what it’s all about. Keeping people writing and reading and making the most of their creativity.

On a final note I’ve been asked to write articles for my local Asperger’s Group. It’s a bi-monthly newsletter and I feel very privileged to be asked to write for it.

I feel I’ve come so far in such a short space of time and quite often I have to take a step back and reflect on what has happened. Being autistic life can get very overwhelming very quickly at times so being able to stand back and reflect is essential for me.

Thank you all for reading my blog. Any advice you have please let me have it!

Andy Smith

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