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i drive past the moorland
hills that yesterday had
no time for life, revealing
a savage force of nature
that threatened to wipe
all colour from the world
colours that have now
returned revealing the
true glory of nature no
television can hope to
emulate, in twenty four
hours these moors have
gone from so bleak that
death would not walk
here to a land that would
comfort and sooth the
most troubled mind

this place of pilgrimage for many
is starker and harsher today
as it tries to drag its thick
black walls out of the ground
and away from the snow that
freezes it solid to this savage
Yorkshire landscape. i see in
colour but today everything is
black and white, a world of
monochrome stretching out
before me where even greens
have turned black as the
world freezes over and
all colour is gone


a cool, grey mist covers the

land rising from the valley

reminding us that Northern

landscapes aren’t always

bleak and harsh. two

landmarks stand proud

peering through the mist

reminding us that the

harshness of the North

is never far away even

in the softness of a

morning mist