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The sole of my bare foot

Touches the dew of the grass

Where we would run from dusk till dawn in

Sun, rain and snow


We were more than lovers

More than soulmates

Two spirits separated by

Layers of skin


Unable to melt into each other

Unable to fade our spirits together

Unable to cease as two

Unable to become as one


And now you’re gone

Incapable of taking the pain

Of loving in physical form only

You went and became a spirit


Without me

Leaving me alone

Facing a loveless existence

Until I become a spirit


But the soles of my feet

Feel the soul of your spirit

Through wet, fresh mud that

Seeps through my toes as


Tears roll down my mask

And I sink slowly towards you

Moving ever closer to you

Becoming one with you




© Andrew Smith

were the soul-giving

maker of my spirit

the bringer of divine-pleasure

my desire-enhancer

an enchanting-Goddess

of a thousand dreams

turned into the reality-giver

shaping the mundanity

of life-reflected

into a heaven sent

Angelic-lover from

a paradise thought lost

forever but now found in


How she longs to feel his body next to

Hers once again, to be pulled so

Close to him that they become one

And she can feel his skin breathing

On hers, his heartbeat pulsing through

The tips of his fingers as they bathe in

Pools of morning dew created by a storm

Of passion, so intense, so ferocious, that


The very essence of the planet permeates

Their souls as their spirits entwine and become

One, creating seismic eruptions as universes are

Torn asunder creating a heavenly performance

Of dancing stars that follow the rhythmic beat of

Two hearts hammering out a message of

Longing to be near each other, to hear each other,

Smell each other, taste each other


Just one more time


He remembers holding his mother’s hand

On the night when the earth stopped turning

As he heard the last words his mother whispered

Felt her last breath on his skin

Watched her eyelids close one last time

Over eyes that would never see the

Beauty of life again nor feel pain

And her life became a memory in an instant


That would never fade as colours fade in the sun

Her grip never dimmed even though like the

Leaves on the autumn trees life began to

Fall and fade, clinging on to catch one

Last glimpse of sunlight, one last gasp of air

One last drop of morning dew

Before the leaf must succumb to the

Turning of the earth and drift down slowly


In a final spiral of life before

Returning to where it was born

And the dark of night is

Replaced by the brilliance of day

And his mother still holds his hand

As he feels life evaporating like the

Luminosity of a star meeting its fate

Yet even as hands grow weak and weary


Fall away, drift apart, he feels one final

Pulse of a heartbeat, one last bead of dew

One closing gulp of life on his forehead

And all that remains is the body of a

Woman he loved when she walked this

Earth and memories that will never fade

Away despite the passage of time and the

Turning of the earth


One thing I don’t do very often is rewrite my poems. However I have rewritten one called ‘I Believe’ and it got an amazing response when I read it recently at a poetry event. What do you think……………….

I believe you

When I stare in your face

And see a happy smile

Beaming back at me


I believe you

When you tell me you’re

Happy to see me

And kiss me gently


I believe you

When you hug me tightly

Squeezing me warmly

Feeling your skin on mine


I believe you

I believe every word you say to me

Every touch of your person

I take it literally


I believe you

Because I know no other way

And whether you truly mean it or not

I still believe you