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It’s grim up North. Well, bits of it undoubtedly are. As are bits of everywhere else. All through the 60’s if you watched ‘Coronation Street’ (of which more later) the opening credits reinforced an image of terraced roofs and smoking chimneys, as though Manchester had remained unchanged since this photo of Ancoats was taken in 1875, and would remain unchanged hereafter. Of course, it’s not like that. It’s not like that at all. There’s another lazy trope which goes on the lines that we live in an overcrowded island. But every Sunday night 3 or 4 million people tune in to watch ‘Countryfile’ , which may be like Blue Peter for the terminally nostalgic, but whose opening credits present a Britain from the air which is entirely rural, beautiful, and almost entirely unpopulated. It makes me feel much the same way as any flight  into Leeds/Bradford, or into Manchester….that…

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Here is the fourth and final instalment of Owen Vince’s quartet of poems about boxing titled The Bout, IV – Afterword. I hope you’ve enjoyed the poems and take the time to continue to visit Hinterland Poetry to read more wonderfully incisive and thought provoking poetry.

The link is here:

Here is the third instalment of Owen Vince’s quartet of poems based on boxing. This one is titled: The Bout, III – Both Members of this Club (1909)

The link to Hinterland Poetry is here:

Another excellent blog from Kim Moore with a intriguing poem about a bath in a field from the lovely Keith Hutson.

Kim Moore

It has been a funny old week this week – overshadowed by the poet Graham Austin’s funeral.  It was sad and funny all at the same time.  Graham’s son and two daughters read beautiful eulogies for him which were really interesting as well as being funny and sad.  Graham’s other daughter had made a beautiful slideshow of photographs of Graham and his family.  I found out Graham used to be a runner – there was an amazing photograph of him in full sprint mode on a track.

The loveliest thing though was that the funeral was full of poetry.  Graham’s grandson read one of his poems, and other poems were quoted from and then Mark Carson, Ross Baxter and I each read a poem.  I read the poem that Graham sent me for this blog a while ago and it sounds inappropriate, but it nearly made me laugh whilst I…

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Here is the second instalment of Owen Vince’s quartet of poem’s inspired by boxing titled The Bout II – Shag at Sharkey’s (1909).

This is the latest edition of the eclectic Hinterland poetry featuring a poem by Owen Vince, the first in a series of four.

Here is a link to the latest issue of the online poetry journal Hinterland Poetry featuring a poem by Zoe Walkington: Have a look and if you see something you like comment. Take a look and surprise yourself.