Archive for February 22, 2020

It’s stupid, ridiculous and makes no sense. Why do I get so nervous and anxious the night before a race? I’m never going to win or even finish top 50 so why work myself into a state where I won’t sleep and just think about the race. It doesn’t make any sense but then running over hills and moors getting wet and cold doesn’t either. Unless that is your escape valve from reality for an hour or more. Then it’s all worthwhile and it does make sense, well to those of us mad enough to do it. And my little cat is going mad attacking anything and everything!!

sunlight on rain
reflects hundreds
of years of sweat
and toil of cloth
traders travelling
mile after mile
to make a pittance,
market traders waiting
all day for someone
to buy something,
anything, so they can
pay the rent. people
coming to lunch to
escape the office
for an hour returning
in the evening for
a G & T and a concert.
images merge in rain,
reflected back to the
sky a jigsaw of life