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i’m asked a question
and my mind goes blank
like a painters canvas.
there is nothing there.
I feel as if I am living
a breathing death, frozen
to the spot, unable to think
or speak or move, terrified
as I try to process what is
happening to me, a vision of
my future that is more
frightening than any
dystopian vision I know, a
vision of never remembering
my past, my friends, my life,
a mind of blank canvases going
through motions that don’t
register. I am so scared.

today I will lift myself
into the sink to disappear
down the plughole and follow
the water into the sewers
where I will swim in the
darkness and talk to the
people no-one sees, no-one
knows, the ones who will
take over the world when
those of us above have
destroyed it all

never say never in neverland
you never know what tomorrow
might bring and where you
will be or who you might become


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in neverland the sun never sets
the moon sits on a cloud in the sky
there is no beginning or end just
a rush of endless energy as you flow
over the moors and fields nothing can
stop you not even the ice encrusted
pool that you skillfully pirouette
across. everything is easy and endless
in neverland a land where it is you
and nature for eternity, a land where
you never go hungry, never need to
stop, a land that is out there sometimes


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I made checkmate and the tyrant died
I bought every property and won the lottery
I sank the battleship and saved the country
I solved the deck and the climate was fixed
if only all problems could be solved so easily

i’m not sure what is happening
grass runs like a herd of wildebeest
trees play tig and hopscotch
hills jump over fences
skies play a concert of colours
rivers rise up and never come down
performing serene acrobatic moves
i’m not sure what is happening
in the forest today
everything seems wrong
yet it is so right

in the forest of sure things
nothing it what it seems. the
only sure thing is that you
will never leave dead or alive

tomorrow land

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a land we dream of
in sweaty anticipation
of what we will and
will not do planning
our escape from the
monotony of our reality
never realising that
tomorrow land is a
place we will never
get to visit or see
tomorrow land is just
beyond the end of
our fingertips almost
within reach but as
far away as the land
of Xanadu

My doctor never asked me how I was feeling, why I felt that way or what had made me come to see him. He never asked me if I needed support or directed me to services that could help me. He just gave me pills to numb reality and sent me away. Another person on the conveyor belt of depression where the only winners are the pharmaceutical companies who make billions every year from people unable to cope with life.

don’t give too much away
you don’t know how people
will fill in the gaps to turn
your story into a fairytale