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melting snowflake

Posted: December 18, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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a flake of snow
falls under the winter
sun slowly dropping from
the cold tree branch
a baby is born
a mother dies
a president is elected
a tyrant deposed
lovers meet in secret
a couple divorce
a god is worshipped
a forgotten religion dies
people play football
others watch a film
riots in the city
walks on the moors
footprints on the moon
a man never leaves his home
the snowflake hits the
ground and melts away

forget me as Christmas
comes along and you
prepare to go to
stay with your family
far away from me

forget those first furtive
glances we shared across
the table as we wrote
our life stories in
silence broken by pencils

forget the first time
we spoke sitting next
to each other avoiding
looking at one another
until we had to

forget the first time
we walked to the
pub alone save for
the streetlights showing
the way as we talked

forget the first time
we hugged in the
pub embracing each other
warmly in full public
view and not caring

forget the first time
we kissed in the
mist our lips warming
each other as the
cold swirled around us

forget all this and
go and enjoy your
loved ones as you
celebrate the festive season
with those you love

and when you come
back in the new
year and we meet
again see if you
remember or forget me

i stand alone
on a sheet of ice
looking for an horizon
any sign of life
but there is nothing
just a never ending
ocean of ice
that meets the sky
far away from
where i stand
alone on the ice

ice sings

Posted: December 12, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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the ice is singing
enchanting me with
its glacial resonance
from a frozen pipe organ
drawing me ever
closer to its jaws
where it will trap me
suffocate me
squeeze the very
last breath out
of me as it sings
a funeral song
and takes me
to my death

ice heart

Posted: December 11, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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At my poetry writing group last night the theme was ice. This poem started off as one thing and ended up as something else. One of those poems that just happened and went where it wanted to. I was just the messenger writing it.

my heart is as white
as the purest ice
warm blood flows in
turning to a pillar of ice
slowly moving through my
heart like a glacier
creating a valley
from the hardest stone
sometimes the ice snaps
off causing my heart
to jump as if hit
by a heavyweight boxer
before settling back to
its imperceptible movement
that i barely notice
a heart rate that barely
registers as my breathing
slows down i’m showing
no signs of life
except an icy cold
glint in my eye

watching people go by
like rats in an
overground sewer
scurrying around
searching for their
next morsel of life


Posted: December 3, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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staring at someone
i don’t know who
watching them morph
from human to alien
as time passes by

i watch my feed go from
quiet to loud in an instant
voices from everywhere
have become experts on everything
quoting this and that
trying to outdo each other
with dodgy facts and figures
turning the letters on my screen
from black to red as anger raises,
tempers flare, insults are slung,
friends fall out over nothing
i keep quiet watching the
social media circus unfold
and go into overdrive as its
unceasing story is told to
a world of blank faces
taken nothing in, only
believing what they want to believe
i get up and make another coffee
i need to stay awake and
see who upsets who next