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the noise is chasing me
wherever i go,
whoever i’m with
the noise is there
never ending, ceaseless,
in its pursuit of me
a relentless white noise
i cannot see,
i cannot touch,
but i hear it
it has no source
no way of turning it off
there is no escape from this
single, monotonous tone
except death…

the sound of colour

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i hear in colour
rainbows of sounds
voices are blue
the wind is red
birds are green
my mind is filled
with colours merging and
coming together in a
multicoloured blend of noise
then they rupture, divide,
disperse back to where
they came from and i am
left with the white
noise of life

silence surrounds me
i am enveloped in its naturalness
my fears escape to the surface
as i hear it moving around the room
peeking in every nook and cranny
exploring places i’ve never been
searching for somewhere to escape
the white noise that comes
with the rising of the sun

voices mix together becoming one
deep, light, black, white
it makes no difference to me
the noise becomes one
a wall of white noise
blocking out life itself
as i shrink in my chair
trying to escape this
mental torture i’m encased in

i watch people go by
like rats in an
overground sewer
scurrying here and there
searching for their
next morsel of life
to gorge themselves on


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the reflection of your face
on the surface of the canal
allows you to see your true self
if only for a second
before it floats away
into another world


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the incandescent halo
shimmered and twinkled
in scintillating effulgence
at the brilliance
of the flowing
blaze of phosphorescence
that the dazzling dapple
from the corona
effortlessly gave off

rocks huddle together
keeping each other warm
watching over the bog
the sun shines on them
casting disappearing shadows
so that knows it is passing

light comes

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curtains part
light comes into the room
nothing to stop
dancing dust falling
walls breathing
ceilings twirling artistically
light bouncing off
every surface
chairs lean back relaxing
basking in warm light
beds sleep in the light
today is a good day


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i want to go beyond the reader
and see things they are unaware of
the barking dog they never hear
the rustle of whispers that pass them by
tasteless oranges, photos of nothing
mountains without a peak
faces wrinkled beyond recognition
maps dropping off the page
the normality of darkness

this is beyond our minds
things we are simultaneously
aware of and unaware of
a world that is there
but always a fingertip
out of reach, just, only just
a world beyond our own
that is still a part of us
and always will be