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the language of neon

Posted: July 31, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized
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over here, enter me
eat me, drink more
see me, watch me
peek at me, come closer
glance here, glimpse there
turn here, turn there
look up, down, left, right
the language of neon
is everywhere in the night

This is a poem I wrote at Igniting the Spark on Tuesday and is my first poem for possibly a year and marks a welcome return to Igniting the Spark. The inspiration came from the amazing Gaia Holmes and was centred on selfies and sculptures and I thought about what I see in nature and what if that represented a selfie of me.

i stop to look at the tree
this tree standing out
from all the others in the wood
it stares back at me
a crazy maze of textured
ridges, valleys and trails
emerging from the bark
converging to make a shape
i slowly recognise a face
it’s my face, it’s me
carved in bark over centuries
waiting for me to by
stop and look and see me
a selfie in bark
that must have been growing
before i was born
did it know i would
come by and see me
or was it just luck