Tenerife December 2016 Run 1/4: The M1

Posted: December 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Rachel Cullen is on holiday but still running this week


Tenerife December 2016  Run 1/4: The M1

 ‘Jesus, Gav. Where are we staying? Next to the M1?‘ I jibed as we pulled up at the resort.

‘Ahh… is someone overtired?‘ He asked, mocking my clear anxiety at the prospect of spending four days running on Tenerife’s equivalent of both the M1 hard shoulder and Snake Pass.

As it happens, I was also overtired.

After almost missing the plane from the least glamorous airport in the U.K., and almost passing out with hunger on the least glamorous flight to take off from the least glamorous airport in the UK, our day of travel hadn’t been without stress.

img_6285 WE JUST MADE IT… ‘is this a direct flight to God’s waiting room, Gav?’

I am the worst combination of traveller: I don’t do tired, hungry and cooped up on a plane very well. I’m also one with high expectations, having…

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