When Cully Met Doddy: The Story of Two Running Geeks

Posted: November 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Rachel Cullen blogs about running and romance


I was, at the time, designated Kit Queen for my (then) running club. Gav was a member of said running club.

This is how it all began…


From: Gavin Dodd
To: Rachel Cullen

Hi. I’d like to order a new club vest, please. Not sure whether I’m small or medium so will take both and bring one back. I work at the Lloyds Copley Data Centre and can collect from you when convenient.

Many thanks




From: Rachel Cullen
To: Gavin Dodd

Hi Gavin

Yes, sure, that’s fine. I live in Copley and you’re welcome to collect whenever convenient. I’ll have both sizes ready for you.

See you shortly,



I opened the door and he stood there smiling as though he’d just seen sunshine for the first time. ‘Crikey, he must REALLY need a new vest!‘ I thought to myself, as he bounced…

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