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the start

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deep breathing
the only sound
multi coloured vests
brighten a dark wood
the smell of nature
mingles with sweat
sinews tense
in muscular bodies
waiting for the signal
to start the race

Friendliest sport

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Perfectly sums up why I love running and all the different races you can do.


I have had a go at a few sports in my time, but as we’ve established in a previous blog post I am not really one for team sports (so not a team player)! That’s not to say I am anti-social, but I just prefer to only have to rely upon myself in my sporting achievements without the pressure of a group of people weighing on top of my own drive to succeed.  However, having a group of people around you whilst competing is absolutely essential.  Not only do they provide competition and rivalry but comradery and encouragement too in equal measure.  The fell running community has to be one of the friendliest groups of people I could have hoped to have become involved with.

After a few years of competing in the local fell races around Derbyshire and the Peaks, I began to see some of the…

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