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To put it all in context. In the last year or so, I’ve reviewed – or blogged about – collections that I love. Kim Moore’s The art of falling. Christy Ducker’s Skipper. Fiona Benson’s Bright travellers. Jane Clarke’s The River. Work by Shirley McClure, Maria Taylor, Hilary Elfick, Tom Cleary, Bob Horne, Steve Ely, Clare […]

via So you wanna be a rock ‘n roll star: some thoughts on ‘being published’ — the great fogginzo’s cobweb

he keeps his secrets in the dark
under floorboards, loose, warped
in damp, dank cellars crawling with life
musty, stale attics, riddled with the past
behind the cupboard in the corner
stood in the same place for years?
his secrets are safe here
waiting, patiently, for him to die
so they can reveal themselves,
emerge from the darkness
and his friends and family
will finally see
who he really is…