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Another cracking blog from Rachel Cullen


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searching for answers
questions asked
end the uncertainty
of living in suspense


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you are trapped
in a glass dome
a mausoleum
you can see out of
we can see into
there is no escape for you
as we pass you by
talking in whispers
so you don’t hear us


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as I walk by the glass
in my reflection
i see my present,
future and past

the start

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deep breathing
the only sound
multi coloured vests
brighten a dark wood
the smell of nature
mingles with sweat
sinews tense
in muscular bodies
waiting for the signal
to start the race

Friendliest sport

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Perfectly sums up why I love running and all the different races you can do.


I have had a go at a few sports in my time, but as we’ve established in a previous blog post I am not really one for team sports (so not a team player)! That’s not to say I am anti-social, but I just prefer to only have to rely upon myself in my sporting achievements without the pressure of a group of people weighing on top of my own drive to succeed.  However, having a group of people around you whilst competing is absolutely essential.  Not only do they provide competition and rivalry but comradery and encouragement too in equal measure.  The fell running community has to be one of the friendliest groups of people I could have hoped to have become involved with.

After a few years of competing in the local fell races around Derbyshire and the Peaks, I began to see some of the…

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And another equally great blog from another two amazing people from the poetry world, John Foggin and Anthony Costello.

The Great Fogginzo's Cobweb


I keep meaning to write about small poetry venues…like this one I do the compereing for. I sort of found myself as an organiser of the Puzzle Hall Poets Live after being a happy customer for some time. In doing so so, me and Bob Horne, who does all the bookings, more or less inherited a happy situation…a long established poetry cluc with well established regular guests and open-mic.ers like the lovely Genevieve Walsh (who also runs her own Spoken Weird club in Halifax). We inherited traditions like the Puzzle banner which has been signed by scores of guests…Andy MacMillan, Kim Moore, Helen Mort, Steve Ely among them. A banner made by the mum of Gaia Holmes who used to organise everything before me and Bob took it on.

We didn’t have to do any ground work. It was all there for us. Neither of us knows what it takes…

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Sunday Poem – Keith Hutson

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A great blog and poem from two amazing people I know Kim Moore and Keith Hutson.

Kim Moore

I’ve had a rough day today.  I’ve spent most of it in bed with a horrible cold.  I’ve been ignoring this cold since Thursday but I succumbed today and spent the morning feeling very sorry for myself.  I didn’t get to do my usual Sunday run this morning, and I’d planned to go to Keswick to meet up with my cousin but I couldn’t drag myself out of bed.

I’m feeling a little bit better this afternoon.  I’m terrible at being ill – I’m impatient, and I get bored easily, and I feel guilty when I’m not doing something useful.  So spending a whole morning in bed was awful.

I’ve been in touch with Treloyhan Manor Hotel in St Ives and there are only 6 places left for the February 2017 Residential Poetry Course I’m running there with co-tutor David Tait.  Our guest poet who will be reading mid week is…

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nobody sees us
we move unseen
through blades of grass
roots of trees, nettles and reeds

nobody stops us
we move swiftly, silently,
effortlessly on currents of air
unseen by humans

nobody betrays us
we are friends with everyone
we care about everyone
we love everyone

we move the small grains
so they can grow anew
replenishing the earth
replacing what man has destroyed

you will never see or hear us
we live in the shadows, in the dark
taking care of nature
so you don’t have too…

To put it all in context. In the last year or so, I’ve reviewed – or blogged about – collections that I love. Kim Moore’s The art of falling. Christy Ducker’s Skipper. Fiona Benson’s Bright travellers. Jane Clarke’s The River. Work by Shirley McClure, Maria Taylor, Hilary Elfick, Tom Cleary, Bob Horne, Steve Ely, Clare […]

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