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pounding of hearts
sweating of hands
shuffling of feet
hands held
lives connect
never seen again

On Dreams – 5 of 10

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Another cracking poem from Nick Steel

Nick Steel


Hello there readers! And Welcome to another installment of the “On Dreams” poetry series.

This one doesn’t need too much explaining. I’m sure we’ve all experienced those wonderful (and also torturous) dreams in which we stuff our faces with all of our favourite foods, with no ill effects (except for the dissatisfaction in waking up and realising you’ve been chewing on the corner of your pillow long enough to cover it in saliva)!

And on that note, I wish you a happy Wednesday!

On Dreams – 5 of 10: It All Tastes Good!

I’m pretty sure…
I was, half way through a conversation
but forget that
my brain has travelled to a new destination
far from procrastination
I’ve arrived at sensation station!

I’m central now,
to what looks like endless tables of nosh!
No people, just
trifles, chocolates, sausage rolls nothing posh
and like a pig at a trough

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