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Remember these? Panoramic school photos. And the challenge that some found irresistible…to see how many times you could get on the same picture. Do they still get taken? Probably not. They get taken to school reunions by the ones who genuinely believe that their schooldays were the best days of their lives (which always feels inexpressibly sad). But I don’t know many folk who can resist t the business of finding half-remembered faces, and invariably sharing stories..wasn’t that ..? remember that time when..? wasn’t she the one who…? Am I wrong to think that they’re almost always tales of transgression and subversion?

The thing about school photos and school stories seems to be that we only really remember the people in our own year group…and often, only from our own form group. And I guess that’s why we’re slightly miffed when we meet a teacher we used to have…

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Sunday Poem – Jennifer Copley

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I can’t remember if I told you all about this last week, but while I was away in Malaga my husband built wall-to-ceiling shelves in our box room, which is now going to be my writing room. &nb…

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Embracing Plan B

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A powerfully honest blog from Wendy Pratt


Sometimes I feel like I have now made the decision to not have children, the decision to stop trying to have a baby. Sometimes I feel like I have come to terms with it and am ready to move forward. I think, in fact, that is probably correct, that this is it, now. That whilst I don’t want to give up, really, this is what we are doing. This is now the reality, not hoping and longing, but dealing with it and learning to accept it. We booked a posh holiday to Mexico for next year, for example, with no thoughts of when IVF might invade our lives again, with no thought of having to save the thousands and thousands of pounds needed for IVF. So, even though I might not be very good at saying it out loud, I might not be ready to distinctly bring that knife down…

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