The 20th Anniversary… and Arthur’s Seat

Posted: August 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

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It’s my 20th anniversary, and I’m in the mood to celebrate. Anniversary of what? I hear you ask. A marriage? Nope. That crashed and burned a long time ago – and I wasn’t a child bride. Sobriety? Nope. Wrong again. I’m currently supping a can of M&S rum and coke on the train home from Edinburgh, as it happens. Plus, my alcohol dependency eventually resolved itself – you’ll see why. Smoking perhaps? Not quite. I tried it when I was fifteen whilst slumped all Kevin-&-Perry-like under the slide on Warley park, but couldn’t get the hang of inhaling at the right time. Not one to give up, I gave it another shot whilst at uni, but kept getting tonsillitis for my efforts. Drugs then? Snorting coke or popping pills? Erm, hardly. The closest I ever came to that was briefly dating a pothead scaffolder who looked like Jay Kay…

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