Welcome to the Phoenix Club! Or the Askern 10 Mile race…

Posted: August 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

The latest from Rachel Cullen


“Welcome to the PHOENIX CLUB!” The Askern 10 mile race, 14th August 2016

‘Are you sure this is right, Gav? I really don’t trust your navigational skills,’ I said as we were just about to turn into Askern Miner’s Welfare Club car park a good hour early. He didn’t need to reply, as some of the more heavily afflicted OCD club runners were already milling around the car park.

The stench of beer-stained bar stools from 1982 hit us as we walked into the Phoenix Club. It was a heady combination of foists-meets-mothball, as yellow stained ceilings told of a time when the mere suggestion of a ‘smoke-free-zone’ would have got you laughed out of town. No, really – it would.

Phoenix_Nights__where_are_they_now_ I AM DISABLED, JERRY.

A couple of kind looking, unhurried ladies were seated behind a heavy-looking wooden table, rifling through a collection of race numbers in slow motion…

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