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haiku one

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the bright eyes of the moon

reminded me of the watership

going down a wet tongue

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Well, here we are. A new term and bright with resolution. You’re all looking lovely in your fresh pressed uniforms. You’ve got your brand new felt-tip pens in every colour of the rainbow; the tips are crisp and the colours bright. And yes, we know that it’ll wear off, and your pens will shortly be stipple brushes and the only colours that still work will be pink, pale brown and yellow, and the homework will start to pile up…all that.

(And because we’re not quite st up and sorted as we like to be, you’ll find that some bits of this I’ve had to copy and paste as jpeg images, so they don’t look quite as crisp as they should. Forgive me)

But right now anything can happen and we can do anything, and be anything we want. So let’s make the most of it. You may be wondering what…

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Two poems by Jane Clarke

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Two Jane Clark poems through John Foggin