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One thing I don’t do very often is rewrite my poems. However I have rewritten one called ‘I Believe’ and it got an amazing response when I read it recently at a poetry event. What do you think……………….

I believe you

When I stare in your face

And see a happy smile

Beaming back at me


I believe you

When you tell me you’re

Happy to see me

And kiss me gently


I believe you

When you hug me tightly

Squeezing me warmly

Feeling your skin on mine


I believe you

I believe every word you say to me

Every touch of your person

I take it literally


I believe you

Because I know no other way

And whether you truly mean it or not

I still believe you

poem- disappear

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A poem from one of my favourite poets Shawn L Bird

Shawn L. Bird


I want to


into tomorrow

to explore


corridors across

your incendiary



somewhere better

than your





In response to the Monday Meme photo prompt 

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