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people rarely talk to me

and if they ever do

they turn round to me

and run off for a poo!!

Have a look cause you never know!!

Seumas Gallacher

…some of yeez out there are really, really nice people… about six months ago, I threw some ideas together about how this ol’ Jurassic handles bits of the mysteries of SOSYAL NETWURKIN and published it on the Great God Amazon Kindle as SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES… now yeez are asking me to share how I managed to ‘divine’ all that stuff… the bare, stripped-down honesty is that I did not ‘divine’ anything… I merely collated some of the things that I found helped me as a neophyte wannabe independent author… in reaction to yer requests, here’s the Foreword to the wee tome… I hope it gives yeez an inkling and more…



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 technology getting ever faster

humans getting ever slower

redundant through their own

creation of a

mechanical generation

bringing about the

destruction of the

human race

masters of their own



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