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19th of July – What is Neurodiversity, Donna Williams Interview and Empathy Mythbuster 

Fruit Salad Analogy Copyright D.Williams Fruit Salad Analogy Copyright D.Williams

Well Done Donna this is insightful as always – on a personal note Donna Williams has helped me (and thousands of others) on the Autism spectrum – helping me understand my Autism was the key, the components, how they inter-relate, how they’re different, how they clash, how they’re expressed this happened in late 2009/10 after seeing her in the late 2000’s in the UK Donna has helped, educated and guided myself (and countless others) in this awareness recently we conversed via email about trajectory (person developmental aspects of our Autism profiles), I would say that the “Fruit Salad” analogy she created is a good place to start, she looks at strategies, components, personhood, environment, mental health, learning style, info processing, gut and metabolic issues, learning difficulties, learning disability etc –…

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Just a little something I dreamt up whilst watching the rain storm yesterday.

Steel Rain

A sheet of steel
glistening in the gloom
warm as the sun of summer
wet as the mists of time
falling down from the
furnace in heaven
cooling melting tarmac
life can breath again