Archive for August 7, 2014

I close my eyes, there is
Nothing I can see,
As my imagination takes over,
And people of the present are

Replaced by people of the past,
Transported to another
Time I wish to be in, as the
Sound of a cabinet piano plays,

Delicate fingers of a mistress long gone,
Move over slithers of ivory, as
Graceful as the silent black panther
Moves in the dark of the forest.

Effortlessly unseen by human eyes,
Sounds pass through space as
Years whirl back
Through time as I am

Carried away to a bygone age,
Surrounded by spirits of the dead,
Unencumbered by the bodies of the
Living, I feel alive in this

Enchanted world of the past,
Dancing with ethereal entities
To the music of the past,
Played by my heroine of the present