Archive for June 1, 2014

Today is a good day

Today is a day full of light

Life is clear as sea, as sky, as sound

Darkness recedes into crevices

Gone to live in recesses

Never to see day again

For life has reason

A meaning, depth and purpose

Of a kind never experienced before

Opportunities rising, phoenix restored

Abounding along anew path

Never trodden by man or beast

Swam by fish, flown by bird, slithered by snake

But now unfolds, unwinds, beckoning

Before me

Cosmos and universe unravelling

Revealing untold stories, histories, mysteries

To me, enjoy I must

Turning corners, rounding bends, circling curves

Conquered hills, mountains, valleys

A life fulfilled

In a beat of a single heart

As mind, body, soul

Joining together, including each other as one

A first time

A dreamt time

A real time